Numbering at 636, the hymns in Lutheran Service Book span the centuries of Christendom. In addition to hundreds of familiar hymns included in previous hymnals, fresh expressions of the Gospel are represented in over 100 hymns that are new to our hymnal.
About the editions
There is a constellation of additional resources that complement Lutheran Service Book.

Pew Edition
Lutheran Service Book is a rich compilation of services, psalms, hymns, and prayers that will nourish and edify the faithful week after week for generations to come.

Personal/Gift Edition
The Gift Edition is the Pew Edition in a keepsake-quality, smaller format, ideal for gift-giving.

Altar Book
The pew edition of Lutheran Service Book is supported by a number of companion editions, including the LSB Altar Book. The Altar Book contains significant resources that assist the pastor in leading corporate worship.

Accompaniment Editions
Lutheran Service Book is supported by two accompaniment editions. Both are crucial for the use of Lutheran Service Book in corporate worship: LSB Liturgy and LSB Hymns.

In order to support the revised lectionaries of Lutheran Service Book, separate lectionary volumes have been prepared for each series of the three-year lectionary as well as the one-year lectionary.

Concurrent with the development of this new hymnal, the Synod’s Agenda has been completely revised. Existing rites have been expanded, and a number of new rites have been added.

Pastoral Care Companion
The LSB Pastoral Care Companion greatly expands upon TLH Pastor’s Companion and the LW Little Agenda, providing the pastor with a wealth of materials in his work of caring for souls.

Lutheran Service Builder
The Lutheran Service Builder offers many benefits by providing access to Lutheran Service Book via the computer.

Other Resources
Various resources are available to help support the full use of Lutheran Service Book.

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