Because the pew edition of LSB does not contain all of the accompaniments of either the services or hymns, it is essential for the church musicians to own their own copies of both accompaniment editions.

Congregations are strongly urged to purchase a set not only for use in the church but also for each musician to use at home in preparation for weekly worship.

Accompaniment Editions
Accompaniment editions are crucial for the use of Lutheran Service Book in corporate worship.

Accompaniment Editions

Lutheran Service Book is supported by multiple accompaniment editions. Two volumes are crucial for the use of Lutheran Service Book in corporate worship: LSB Liturgy and LSB Hymns. A guitar chord edition is forthcoming.

Accompaniment for the Liturgy

This edition provides accompaniments for all of the services in LSB. A landscape format allows four pages to be seen at a time, resulting in a minimum number of page turns while playing.

Corresponding page numbers from the pew edition are prominently placed in the outside margins so that the organist or pianist can quickly locate the proper place.

The complete Psalter is included, together with psalm tone accompaniments which are also provided on a laminated card.

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Accompaniment for the Hymns

This edition provides full accompaniments for all of the hymns in Lutheran Service Book and Lutheran Service Builder.

Among the numerous features are:
standard, four-part harmonies for most hymns
simplified settings provided for select hymns
separate piano and organ settings when the style of a hymn or song demands it
cross-reference to hymns where the same melody exists in a different key or with an alternate harmonization

Concordia Publishing House has taken extra care to prepare a sturdy edition that will have a long life.

The features of this edition include:
the hymns divided into spiral bindings, which allow the pages always to lay flat
protective acetate (plastic) sheets at the front and back of each spiral binding
a special bolt binding that will prevent the binding from tearing in two

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Guitar Chord Edition

Concordia Publishing House will publish a guitar chord edition of the hymns in Lutheran Service Book. Formatted in an enlarged size with spiral binding, this edition will provide the melody line and text of each hymn with chords included above the staff and fingering charts below each hymn.

Designed for both guitarists and keyboardists who play from lead sheets, this edition will be ideal for use in a variety of settings, including the classroom and retreats.

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