An overview of each section of the Agenda provides an introduction to the rites.

The Synod’s Agenda has been completely revised concurrent with the development of Lutheran Service Book.


Concurrent with the development of this new hymnal, the Synod’s Agenda has been completely revised. Existing rites have been expanded, and a number of new rites have been added.

The LSB Agenda has been carefully organized and is divided into eight sections:
Baptism, Confirmation, Membership
Pastoral Care
Holy Matrimony
Christian Burial
Holy Ministry
Auxiliary and Congregational Offices
Rites of Blessing
Ecclesiastical Rites

Each section is preceded by an overview in which the rites for that section are placed in their context. In addition, an extended introduction of the entire Agenda examines at length the task of pastoral care.

Individual rites are preceded by notes that assist the pastor in the use of the rite. In cases where more extensive notes are required, they are divided into two sections, “General Notes” and “The Rite in Detail.”

In addition to a detailed table of contents, an index of all the rites is provided in the back to allow for quick reference.

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