Numbering at 636, the hymns in Lutheran Service Book span the centuries of Christendom. In addition to hundreds of familiar hymns included in previous hymnals, fresh expressions of the Gospel are represented in over 100 hymns that are new to our hymnal.
Other Resources
These additional resources are excellent for new and lifelong Lutherans.

Other Resources

Worshiping with Angels and Archangels
Hymn Selection Guide
Offering Envelopes
Propers of the Day
Collects of the Day
Prayer Cards


Self-Adhesive, Printer-Ready Labels
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Enhance your new hymnals with bookplates designed to coordinate with Lutheran Service Book.  Beautifully designed and easy to use, these bookplates signify that specific hymnals were given to the glory of God in recognition of a special person or occasion. 

Customize these bookplates using these free Microsoft Word templates:
“In Memory of”
“In Honor of”
“Given by”

Instructions for bookplate template

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Worshiping with Angels and Archangels

Worshiping with Angels and Archangels leads worshipers through the Divine Service, helping them understand its significance. It surrounds the words of the liturgy with clearly written explanations, Scripture passages, definitions, and engaging artwork.

Readers of all ages will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Church’s worship through which God speaks His words of forgiveness and comfort. A glossary that gives concise definitions of many terms used in the Lutheran service is included. 

Whether used in church, school, or in the home, this book will help the reader learn and appreciate what takes place in the Divine Service as we joyfully and reverently respond to God’s call to worship Him.

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Hymn Selection Guide

Extensive hymn suggestions for each Sunday in the Church Year have been prepared for Lutheran Service Book. In addition to being available in Lutheran Service Builder, these suggestions are published in this separate volume.

For each Sunday and festival, hymns are suggested in three categories:
Hymn of the Day
Other hymns for the day
Other suggested hymns

The Hymn of the Day recommendations provide a plan for singing the core hymns of the Lutheran tradition as well as other great hymns of the faith. The hymn suggestions in the second category are tied to one of the lectionary readings for the day. The third category provides other hymns that are appropriate for the day, often including hymns appropriate during distribution of the Lord’s Supper.

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Propers of the Day

This edition contains the complete propers for both the three- and one-year lectionaries as printed in the Altar Book. For each Sunday and season, as well as the feasts, festivals, and occasions, this edition includes:

  • Introit
  • Collect of the Day printed in sense lines
  • Scriptural references for the readings and the Psalm of the Day
  • Gradual
  • Verse

Also included are the Church Year calendars, instructions for chanting the collects, and the music for the psalm tones. Indexes include the Hymn of the Day list and scriptural indexes of both the three- and one-year lectionaries.

Pastors will find this edition to be a valuable reference and service-planning tool. Church musicians will benefit from this resource while selecting music. The cantor or choir can even sing from it during worship.

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Collects of the Day

This 32-page booklet provides the Collects of the Day for the three- and one-year lectionaries, as well as the feasts, festivals, and occasions. The booklet format makes this resource ideal for personal devotional use.

Item No.: S0-5510
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Prayer Cards

The four brief orders for Daily Prayer for Individuals and Families in the LSB Pew Edition (pp. 294-298) are now available separately. Printed on sturdy, laminated cardstock, they are ideal for use in a variety of settings. Sold in packages of 10.

Item No.: S0-5511
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