The Pastoral Care Companion provides brief synopses or incipits for the additional Psalm and reading suggestions, helping the pastor to identify quickly those that he might want to use.

Pastoral Care Companion
The Pastoral Care Companion provides numerous practical resources for visitations and crisis intervention.

Pastoral Care Companion

For decades, pastors have relied on the TLH Pastor’s Companion and the LW Little Agenda when providing pastoral care for the faithful in times of sickness and distress. The LSB Pastoral Care Companion greatly expands upon these resources, providing the pastor with a wealth of materials in his work of caring for souls.

Selected Rites

Selected rites from the main Agenda are included in the Pastoral Care Companion, including:
Baptism rites
Rites for Christian burial
Marriage rites
Visiting the sick and infirm
Communion of the homebound

These rites are typically ones that the pastor uses apart from the corporate worship setting.

New Features

A significant new feature in the LSB Pastoral Care Companion is the extensive compilation of resources for the work of pastoral care. More than 60 topics have been arranged into the following categories:
At the time of birth
Ministering to the sick
At the time of death
Times of spiritual distress
Home and family
Times of celebration
Miscellaneous resources

For each of these topics, extensive resources are provided, including:
Psalm verses
Bible readings
Additional Psalm and reading suggestions
Hymn stanzas and other hymn suggestions
Brief theological commentary to guide the pastor

Pastors will quickly find the Pastoral Care Companion to be a valued resource as they go about their vocation of caring for souls.

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