Lutheran Service Book is also available in a slightly reduced size (5" x 7-1/2"), ideal for personal use or as a gift. The contents match that of the pew edition. The cover is made of genuine bonded leather, and the edges of the paper are gilded.

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Pew Edition
The primary resource for Lutheran Service Book is the pew edition.

Pew Edition

Commonly referred to as “the hymnal,” it is, in reality, so much more. Lutheran Service Book is a rich compilation of services, psalms, hymns, and prayers that will nourish and edify the faithful week after week for generations to come.


Familiar Services—“Services You Know”

One important feature of Lutheran Service Book is that it offers “services you know.” Drawing on the best of both Lutheran Worship (LW) and The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH), the services have been carefully edited to take advantage of the familiarity that congregations already have with much of the content of LSB. When first using Lutheran Service Book congregations will discover an easy transition by using one of the services that they already know.

Familiar settings of the Divine Service from previous hymnals include:
Setting One—LW p. 158; LBW p. 57
Setting Two—LW p. 178; LBW p. 78
Setting Three—TLH p. 15
Setting Four—Hymnal Supplement 98 p. 6
Setting Five—significant expansion of LW Divine Service III p. 197
(based on Martin Luther’s German Mass, 1526)

A rich selection of Daily Offices includes Matins, Vespers, Morning and Evening Prayer, and Compline.
Matins includes the familiar and much-loved Anglican chant settings from TLH of the Venite, Te Deum, and Benedictus.
Evening Prayer preserves the lovely setting of Psalm 141, “Let My Prayer Rise before You,” as well as providing a new setting of the Magnificat.

New Services—What’s New in LSB?

A new Service of Prayer and Preaching provides a contemporary context for preaching and catechetical instruction. Included in the service are fresh musical settings of Old and New Testament canticles.

Included in the pew edition are services of Holy Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, and Funeral Service. Simple services for individuals and families are provided.

Other resources include:
107 psalms with 11 psalm tones for singing
Church Year and Commemoration calendars and lists of readings for both the three- and one-year lectionaries
Dates for Easter through 2050
Glossary of terms related to worship
Luther’s Small Catechism
Nearly 100 prayers carefully arranged by topic
Seven Prayers for Worship included on the inside front cover; the texts of the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds included on the inside back cover

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