Numbering at 636, the hymns in Lutheran Service Book span the centuries of Christendom. In addition to hundreds of familiar hymns included in previous hymnals, fresh expressions of the Gospel are represented in over 100 hymns that are new to our hymnal.
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Is Lutheran Service Book available in large print or Braille editions?

Both large print and Braille editions of Lutheran Service Book are available from Lutheran Blind Mission. They can be reached at 1-888-215-2455 or The Braille edition is available from Lutheran Blind Mission at no charge. It is composed of one volume for the liturgies, one volume for the remainder of the non-hymn material, and six volumes of hymns.

The large print edition comes in seven volumes. It contains the complete texts of all hymns in Lutheran Service Book and is printed at 21.5-point text size. This edition is available from Lutheran Blind Mission for $40.00.

Concordia Publishing House has made available for congregations Lutheran Service Builder, which has the ability to output service folders at 22-point type with a single click. Congregations wishing to learn more should call Concordia Publishing House at 1-800-325-3040.

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