Numbering at 636, the hymns in Lutheran Service Book span the centuries of Christendom. In addition to hundreds of familiar hymns included in previous hymnals, fresh expressions of the Gospel are represented in over 100 hymns that are new to our hymnal.
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How will we pay for a new hymnal?

We understand that the purchase of Lutheran Service Book will be a significant financial investment. How congregations will cover the costs will certainly vary from one circumstance to another. Some may choose simply to include the expense in an annual budget. Others will likely create some sort of special fund to which members can contribute. History has shown that it is usually not as difficult as it initially may seem to pay for new hymnals. Many congregation members look for meaningful opportunities to support the ongoing life of the church through memorials and other structured giving opportunities.

In addition to giving a gift in memory of a loved one, consider the following:
Give hymnals in honor or memory of family members (e.g., children, grandparents);
Give hymnals in honor of one’s godchildren or sponsors;
Give a hymnal in celebration of one’s wedding anniversary;
Give an Altar Book, Agenda, or Pastoral Care Companion to honor your pastor;
Give an accompaniment edition in appreciation for your congregation’s musician.

LSB will become an essential ministry resource for The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Congregation members and pastors will increasingly become aware of its benefits for current and future generations.

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