Numbering at 636, the hymns in Lutheran Service Book span the centuries of Christendom. In addition to hundreds of familiar hymns included in previous hymnals, fresh expressions of the Gospel are represented in over 100 hymns that are new to our hymnal.
Introducing Lutheran Service Book
Sample material is being released to assist congregations in examining Lutheran Service Book and its companion volumes.

Introducing Lutheran Service Book

DVD Presentation (July 2006)

Each congregation received both a DVD and an audio CD. The DVD includes a feature presentation suitable for viewing by committees of the congregation. It provides a comprehensive introduction that will assist congregations in their decision-making process. Other segments on the DVD are directed specifically toward the pastor, church musicians, and educators.

The CD will include recordings of a number of new or unfamiliar hymns from Lutheran Service Book. This recording is suitable for playing to a variety of groups within the congregation.

Congregation Kit (September 2006)

Each congregation received a congregation kit. Included in the kit is a complimentary copy of Lutheran Service Book, an attractive poster suitable for display in the congregation, an additional CD featuring recordings of hymns from Lutheran Service Book, order forms, and a letter for the pastor.

138-Page Sampler (June 2006)

A 138-page sampler of Lutheran Service Book is now available. Congregations have permission to reproduce this sampler and share it with committee members and others who may be involved in the decision-making process.

The sampler includes:
Table of contents
Church Year calendars
Lectionary readings
Several pages of Psalms and Psalm tones
Divine Service—Setting One (LW p. 158; LBW p. 57)
Divine Service—Setting Three (TLH p. 15)
Service of Prayer and Preaching
Representative samples of hymns

View Sampler (1.9 MB, PDF)

Brochure (May 2006)

A large brochure was mailed to every congregation. All of the various LSB editions are carefully described, with photos of actual pages from many of the volumes.

View Large Brochure (all pages) (5 MB, PDF)
View Large Brochure (pp. 1-15) (2.6 MB, PDF)
View Large Brochure (pp. 16-32) (2.5 MB, PDF)

2006 District Conventions

At the 2006 district conventions a special video presentation on LSB was shown to the delegates. In addition, a brochure describing the various editions was distributed.

View District Convention Brochure (PDF)



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